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Screaming Banshee

screaming banshee

Category:  Creamy N Dreamy
Ingredients: 1 oz. vodka, 1 oz banana liqueur, 1/2 oz creme de cacao (white), 1/2 oz. Cream / Half & Half, (Preparation: shake and strain)
History: In the early 1800’s high up in the hewitts of Ireland there lived a woman by the name of Addie O’Grady.  She was a quiet woman that lived a solitary life sewing wollen sweaters and cooking some of the finest Irish Colcannon this side of the Shannon.  Her neighbors knew her as a moral woman that gave much of her time to charity and was a regular at the local church.  She was even given the nickname “Angelic Addie” by the local village priest Father Duffin.  What was unknown to others was that Addie lived a second life that transpired deep below her home in the caves of McClary.  In the wee hours of the night after a warm shot of whiskey and a couple of Smithwicks, “Angelic Addie”, as it turns out,  transformed into “Erotic Addie” and was a virtuoso of the Lambada, aka… the forbidden dance.   Her gray locks would fly, sweat would spill, hips would thrust and screams could be heard traveling miles through the caves below Erotic Addie’s home.  Rumors began being spoken in villages across Ireland that a Banshee was on the loose and that nobody should ever walk in the hills after midnight if they care to see the light of day again.  Little did they know that it was nothing more than Angelic Addie getting a little grind on.  So a toast to Addie, may her screams forever haunt us into having a good time.