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RJ’s Panty Wetter

Mixitbaby's History of Shots - RJ's Panty Wetter

Shot of the Week: RJ’s Panty Wetter
Category: Tutti fruiti
Ingredients: 1/2 oz coconut rum, 1/2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz melon liqueur, splash sweet n sour, pineapple, 7up, squeeze lemon and lime, (Preparation: shake n strain into martini glass) – layer 1/4 raspberry liqueur on top.
History: He was a legend, women would go weak at the knees even at a mere glimpse of this strapping stud of a man they called RJ. Built like a brick shit house with piercing blue eyes, a nose that oozed ruggedness and a brace of perfectly symmetrically curved ears, RJ had it all. But even though the entire female population adored him, ironically, this stallion of a man had no interest in women, but instead, his number one passion was his love for the ponies. From an early age RJ longed to acquire his very own stable of fine thoroughbred fillies. He always longed for opening day at the Del Mar races and adored to watch their long legs and perfect muscular behinds. He drooled as one by one these beautiful creatures strutted their stuff and would bustle his way through the large crowds to get as close as possible so he could get a quick feel as they paraded in front of him before a good galloping down the Del Mar turf. But unfortunately RJ realized that his daytime bar tending job was never going to fulfill his ambitious goal of making 50 million dollars to buy all the top-prized racing horses in the land. So RJ reluctantly turned to the adult movie business to help fulfill his dream of building his equine empire. It didn’t take long, his focus, hard work and dedication paid off handsomely and after starring in such classics as Mr. Panty Wetter, The Panty Wetter Diaries and Fifty Shades of Panty Wetting, RJ had amassed the capital he needed. Today, RJ is one of the most successful owner/trainers of his generation and his signature shot RJ’s Panty Wetter is a fan favorite amongst the Del Mar racing faithful. A true success story and inspiration to us all that anything is possible with hard work, focus, dedication and ridiculously good looks.