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Moscow Mule

Mixitbaby's History of Shots - Moscow Mule

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Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz vodka, 3/4 oz ginger beer, 1/4 oz fresh lime juice and a swift kick in the ass. (Preparation: shake and strain)
History: In 1942 in the midst of the World War Two, a young Russian barman by the name of Taras Titov was struggling to keep his doors open as the residents were fleeing the Nazis who were making their way east plundering town after town for all food, drink and women.  The Nazis had just crossed into the neighboring city of Bolshetnitska and all were told to get out if they wanted to live to see another day.  Taras , afraid to leave behind  all he had worked so hard for,  came up with a plan for the invading soldiers.  See Taras wasn’t just a bartender, he was a 4th generation mixologist.  He would create the finest Russian cocktail the Germans would ever know.  A little hint of this and a dash of that and Viola, a mixology masterpiece.   On the night of the invasion,  Taras had decorated the bar with Nazi flags and propaganda welcoming the Nazis into his establishment.  He had the finest Russian cheeses available, the most delectable German chocolate cake and of course several barrels of his delicious concoction.  Dozens of Nazi soldiers invading the town came through Tara’s establishment.  They would drink and they would drink more until finally Taras’s plan had finally come together.   After several hours the soldiers had all become violently ill.  One after the other they were dropping like flies purging themselves until they became so weak from dehydration and lack of food that they were barely able to walk nonetheless invade a country.  It was told (mainly in Russian Pubs) that here, in the establishment of Taras Titov, that the war against the Nazis had finally changed its course.   Taras, it was later told, had one key ingredient that the Germans had never seen coming.  In the back of the bar there were stalls where Taras had kept his work mules.  The days preceding the invasion Taras had gathered and stored the mule urine into copper troughs and then spruced it up with some sugar, fresh ginger and a bit of fizzy water.  Everyone in Russia knows that mule urine is like poison to human beings.  Times have indeed changed and though mule urine is no longer an active ingredient Taras’s concoction will forever live on in history as the tyrant toppler baring the name, The Moscow Mule.