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Blue Suede Shoes

mixitbabys history of shots - blue suede shoes
Tutti fruiti
Ingredients: 1/2 oz southern comfort, 1/2 oz creme de banana, 1/2 oz blue curacao (Preparation: shake n strain)
History: “You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes”……..The original song that was written and performed by Carl Perkins in 1955 did in fact refer to a pair of blue suede shoes, but little do people know that when performed by the legendary king of rock n’ roll, Elvis Presley, it was not his dancin’ shoes he was referring to but his favorite shot. Sources very close to the king himself have confirmed that Elvis’s favorite way to unwind after a long night on stage was to go to the nearest tavern and have numerous large glasses of southern comfort and being a southern boy what else would you expect. But the king was getting tired of the same old routine and wanted to take it up a notch. So Elvis asked the bartender one night to create him something special, something with a kick. The bartender who happened to be a big fan knew of the Kings love of oranges and bananas so he quickly darted for his bottle of banana liqueur and blue curaçao. He combined the fruity ingredients with some southern comfort and shook and shook as Elvis twirled on his bar stool in excitement, giggling like a little school girl. The king of rock n’ roll had found his king of cocktails. The bartender named the shot blue suede shoes because it was smooth, blue and also gave u a swift kick up the ass. Elvis laughed …all the way to the bank…the bartender unfortunately not, but he still has his story to tell….well he did, he’s actually dead now.