Wild Wild West

mixitbabys history of shots - wild wild west

Category: Tutti Frutti
Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz Jack Daniels, 1 oz Peach schnapps, 2 oz Cranberry juice(Preparation: shake and strain)
History: Long before Jesse James, Billy the Kid and “The Wild Bunch” there was a little known outlaw by the name of Buck F. Tucker.  He was mean as a wounded rattle snake and tougher than a two dollar steak.  It was told he robbed as many as 250 banks and over a dozen trains throughout his existence, as short lived as it was.  He was known throughout the west as a gun toting womanizer that wasn’t afraid to take a duel with any challenger willing to dare.  His gun was plated in the same silver he stole from many a train crossing over to the west.  He was wanted in more than 16 states on a variety of charges and had one of the largest bounties in history on his head, Dead or Alive.  But through all his infamy and all his wrongdoings very few knew that Buck had a softer more sensitive side.  See Buck was actually an amateur thespian and enjoyed the theater and fine arts. He would always try to slip in whatever show was in town, dressed up so nobody would recognize( always between robberies of course).  He was also a connoisseur of fine cocktails made with only the finest/freshest of ingredients.  It was later found through historical records that a barman was given a cocktail recipe by Buck in Tombstone, Arizona about a year before Bucks death.   The recipe consisted of a fine blended whisky, the muddled oils of peach skins, the juice of finely ripened red cranberries and a hint of freshly granulated sugar. In 1856 ole Buck was finally caught, tried and hung for his crimes. So in memory of the meanest outlaw to walk the earth with a passion for the arts and the taste buds of a voluptuous showgirl,  we bring to you the “Wild, Wild West”!

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