Washington Apple

Mixitbabys History of Shots - Washington Apple

Category: Tutti fruiti
Ingredients: 1/2 oz crown royal, 1/2 oz apple liqueur, 1/2 oz cranberry (Preparation: shake n strain)
History: Disaster hit Washington in the late 1980’s as  their number one export the mighty apple, which happened to be the most sought after apple in the world for its sheer untouchable delicious crisp and juicy qualities, was devastated by a freak brutal crop failure brought on by the notorious Nigerian “Naguyuc” bug. Orchards lay in ruin, ravished by this notorious apple devouring parasite. The apple industry lay in tatters and the majority of apple farmers fled their vast orchards. There was however a man by the name of Christof Guycoogan who saw opportunity while others cut their losses and left their livelihoods in search of the more lucrative hip fruits such as apricots and kumquats. Guycoogan, a carpenter by trade was always a lover of the finer things in life and always cherished his favorite shot after a long day screwing and hammering. His shot of choice consisted of a stiff shot of Canadian whisky and a splash of cranberry. One night after a very lucrative day on the job Christof staggered home from his local bar through an abandoned orchard with a bottle of his favorite whiskey and cranberry concoction in hand. Then completely out of the blue for no reason whatsoever Christof slipped into a large pit of abandoned rotting apples. The juice from the rotting apples spewed everywhere including into his open bottle of whiskey and cranberry. The taste was divine and Christof had a moment of enlightenment, soon he bought up all the abandoned orchards for next to nothing and created more rotten apple juice then you could ever imagine. He then proceeded to ferment the sweet juice into a fine apple liqueur and combined with his favorite whiskey and cranberry concoction Christof created the now famous shot we call the “Washington Apple”. A success story of epic proportions that should inspire all of us to strive to ferment disregarded fruit and combine with juices and alcohol to create delicious shots

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