Foxy Lady

Mixitbabys History of Shots - Foxy Lady

Category: Creamy N Dreamy
Ingredients: 3/4 oz vodka, 3/4 oz coffee liqueur, 3/4 oz amaretto, Splash cream(Preparation: shake and strain)
History: Her name was Lola Harris and in the late 70’s she was the queen of the New York club life. When the weekends rolled around she could be seen at the hottest clubs in town.  Everyone would clear a path just to watch Luscious Lola strut her stuff.  She could be seen doing the Hustle at 12 West and the Bump Dance at Studio 54.   She would crank out the Robot at Xenon and work the Bus Stop at Paradise Garage.  With a shake of the hip and a click of the heel Lola was hands down the hottest girl around.  Lola would march to the beat her own drum.  She wore trouser suits in electric blue and hot pants that put a flamingo’s pink to shame.    Her hair would be feathered on Friday and Shag by Saturday morn.  Nobody could set a fashion trend as quickly as Lola Harris.  On a Friday night in mid august 1978 a young bartender by the name of Dirk Diggles had finally came face to face with the queen cozying up to the bar at The Anvil.   She ordered a concoction with fine Russian vodka, a Mexican coffee liqueur just hitting the scene, a deliciously sweet Italian delicacy and a splash of cream to top it all off.  Shaken well was the only way Lola would have it.  It was that night that Dirk created a cocktail to give tribute and praise to New York’s dancing Queen Lola Harris.  That cocktail went by the name of Foxy Lady.  A toast to Lola, may you forever do, your own Electric Bugaloo!

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