Purple Hooter

Mixitbabys History of Shots - Purple Hooter

Category: Tutti Fruiti
Ingredients: 3/4 oz raspberry liqueur, 3/4 oz vodka, splash sweet n sour, splash 7up (Preparation: shake and strain)
History: Deep in the bowels of the African jungle, embedded snugly in the most southern tip of the Congo, is a small village that prides itself for being the premier producer of the finest raspberries on the continent of Africa. Booray town as its fondly known was actually named after Francois Booray whose family emigrated from France in the late 19th century. The Boorays settled in this quaint jungle village and to give back to the community planted huge crops of delicious wild berries. But unfortunately unbeknownst to the Booray family the Congo is inhabited by the largest population of Gorillas on the planet. Now, what most people do not realize, is that raspberries are actually a Gorillas favorite treat. In fact the mere scent of a raspberry is more intoxicating to a male Gorilla than the scent of a woman, a Gorilla woman that is. Gorillas find human ladies repulsive and despise make-up and high heels (Fact). So year after year the town folk had to fend off these unexpected raids, terrified as these huge monkey munchers swung through the trees, beating their chests, chanting and squealing in ecstasy for the potential of scoring a berry bonanza. That is, until one day when Francois came up with an ingenius idea. His intensive research revealed that Gorillas cannot stand the sound of a hooting horn, seemingly it goes deep into the ear canals causing immense discomfort, discomfort that even outweighed the lust for the luscious plump juicy bulging berries. The town was at peace and still is to this day. The locals christened Mr. Booray “The Purple Hooter” after the color of his face during his relentless blowing, and then came up with a delicious cocktail in his honor, using the lush berries and some other potent alcoholic ingredients. “A la votre” Monsieur Booray, for bringing out the Gorilla in all of us.

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