Irish Headlock

Mixitbaby's History of Shots - Irish Headlock
Category: Mucho Macho
Ingredients: 1/2 oz Irish cream liqueur, 1/2 oz Irish whiskey, 1/2 oz amaretto, 1/2 oz brandy, (Preparation: combine)
History: Inspired by the great Irish Champion Street Fighter and notorious alcoholic, Scrapper O’Looney.  The “Irish Headlock” was a shot that the notorious O’Looney would drink before going into battle, having at least a dozen of these before any of his legendary fights. Ironically, Scrapper’s life was ended by a headlock administered to him by upcoming bright young star, Tony “The Teetotaler” Tucker. RIP Mr. O’Looney, and a note to the wise, drink this one in moderation.

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