Hawaiian Punch

Mixitbabys History of Shots Hawaiian Punch

Category: Tutti Frutti
Ingredients: 1/2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz southern comfort, 1/2 oz amaretto, 1/2 oz melon liqueur, splash OJ, dash grenadine (Preparation: shake and strain)
History: The oracles of Hawaiian kahunas in ancient times told stories of a pale faced white man that would one day come from the oceans and make promises of progress and fortunes but would instead bring nothing more than a bad taste of style and serious case of bad breath. It was later discovered that the oracles gained these mystic powers of foresight by drinking the pulp of the “fruit with a thousand eyes” in quantities well beyond most humans could ever stomach.   This power of precognition is still sought after by traveling tourists throughout the islands, but this ancient recipe has been modified not to include just the pulp of the pineapple but also a whole bunch of tasty alcoholic liquors mixed in which is even more likely to produce visions of grandeur.  Shaka Bra!

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