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Upside-down Pineapple

upsidedown pineapple
Category: Tutti Frutti
Ingredients: 1/2 oz coconut rum, 1/2 oz Southern Comfort, 2 oz OJ, Splash pineapple (Preparation: shake and strain)
History: Hawaiian folklore states that turning a pineapple upside down and hanging it at the entrance of your abode attracts the Gods of Wealth. Hawaiians had been doing this for centuries and were living the life of luxury, that is, until the great Hawaiian depression at the turn of the 19th century. Crops failed and people lay starving in the streets, it was all out degradation. Something had to be done and it had to be done fast. So without haste a meeting of the finest brains from all the Islands was formed and after weeks of sober deliberation absolutely nothing was accomplished. The weary inteligencia, needing to drown their sorrows, disgruntedly made their way to a local tavern owned by the infamous German shotologist Dr. Aloha Auf Wiedersehen. Aloha quickly concocted a batch of one of his scrumptious shots. The jaded geniuses were dumbfounded, the shots were delicious beyond apprehension and suddenly everything became clear to see. Yes!! it was all about Karma, the Gods of Wealth were angry for all the years of giving, but receiving nothing in return. Quickly a cunning plan was put in place. Huge vats were filled with gallons of Dr. Auf Wiedersehen’s tasty concoction and then placed in large boat like containers and pushed out to sea as an offering to the Gods. Within months the economy started to thrive, crops flourished and good times were had by all. So whenever you are feeling down on your luck, think of karma and the Hawaiian Gods of Wealth. Order a round of shots at you favorite drinking hole, you will be pleasantly surprised what you get back.

Screaming Banshee

screaming banshee

Category:  Creamy N Dreamy
Ingredients: 1 oz. vodka, 1 oz banana liqueur, 1/2 oz creme de cacao (white), 1/2 oz. Cream / Half & Half, (Preparation: shake and strain)
History: In the early 1800’s high up in the hewitts of Ireland there lived a woman by the name of Addie O’Grady.  She was a quiet woman that lived a solitary life sewing wollen sweaters and cooking some of the finest Irish Colcannon this side of the Shannon.  Her neighbors knew her as a moral woman that gave much of her time to charity and was a regular at the local church.  She was even given the nickname “Angelic Addie” by the local village priest Father Duffin.  What was unknown to others was that Addie lived a second life that transpired deep below her home in the caves of McClary.  In the wee hours of the night after a warm shot of whiskey and a couple of Smithwicks, “Angelic Addie”, as it turns out,  transformed into “Erotic Addie” and was a virtuoso of the Lambada, aka… the forbidden dance.   Her gray locks would fly, sweat would spill, hips would thrust and screams could be heard traveling miles through the caves below Erotic Addie’s home.  Rumors began being spoken in villages across Ireland that a Banshee was on the loose and that nobody should ever walk in the hills after midnight if they care to see the light of day again.  Little did they know that it was nothing more than Angelic Addie getting a little grind on.  So a toast to Addie, may her screams forever haunt us into having a good time.

Dead Dog Vomit

Mixitbabys History of Shots - Dead Dog Vomit

Category: Mucho Macho
Ingredients: 1/2 oz white rum, 1/2 oz tequila, 1/2 oz jagermeister (Preparation: Combine)
History: Not the most pleasant of names we agree, but Dead Dog Vomit has a story behind it that will astonish and amaze. In the spring of 1976, Rolf, a rescue dog for the Boston fire department, bounded up the stairs of a burning three story building in the direction of the defining screams of a small child. When he approached the terrified young lad he tried to entice him down the smoke drenched spiral steps. But the kid was frozen with shock and Rolf knew there was only one solution. Using a last resort tactic that had been taught to all the fire department rescue K-9’s, Rolf quickly and unselfishly proceeded to swallow his own tongue, which in turn triggered an almighty bellow of barf from his gargantuan gaping mouth. The eruptive discharge soon coated the winding steps from top to bottom, allowing the young boy a slippery slope to safety. Rolf unfortunately did not make it. Later that evening in the firefighters favorite late night watering hole they celebrated the life of their brave comrade. Each one picked their favorite liquor and the bartender combined them together. Then in loving memory of Rolf the firefighters christened the shot “Dead Dog Vomit” and proceeded to give their brave buddy a 21 shot salute. RIP Rolf, your courage and heroism will live on forever in our hearts and livers.

Irish Headlock

Mixitbaby's History of Shots - Irish Headlock
Category: Mucho Macho
Ingredients: 1/2 oz Irish cream liqueur, 1/2 oz Irish whiskey, 1/2 oz amaretto, 1/2 oz brandy, (Preparation: combine)
History: Inspired by the great Irish Champion Street Fighter and notorious alcoholic, Scrapper O’Looney.  The “Irish Headlock” was a shot that the notorious O’Looney would drink before going into battle, having at least a dozen of these before any of his legendary fights. Ironically, Scrapper’s life was ended by a headlock administered to him by upcoming bright young star, Tony “The Teetotaler” Tucker. RIP Mr. O’Looney, and a note to the wise, drink this one in moderation.

Hawaiian Punch

Mixitbabys History of Shots Hawaiian Punch

Category: Tutti Frutti
Ingredients: 1/2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz southern comfort, 1/2 oz amaretto, 1/2 oz melon liqueur, splash OJ, dash grenadine (Preparation: shake and strain)
History: The oracles of Hawaiian kahunas in ancient times told stories of a pale faced white man that would one day come from the oceans and make promises of progress and fortunes but would instead bring nothing more than a bad taste of style and serious case of bad breath. It was later discovered that the oracles gained these mystic powers of foresight by drinking the pulp of the “fruit with a thousand eyes” in quantities well beyond most humans could ever stomach.   This power of precognition is still sought after by traveling tourists throughout the islands, but this ancient recipe has been modified not to include just the pulp of the pineapple but also a whole bunch of tasty alcoholic liquors mixed in which is even more likely to produce visions of grandeur.  Shaka Bra!